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tv   Bay Area Focus With Susan Sikora  CW  September 30, 2012 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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are you ready to make power choices in your life. armies in guests are imperiling thousands of people from young girls to a low income students to professional contact your spirit will be learning what these inspiring organizations to and how you can get empowered and get involved on next on black renaissance.
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good morning. have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? if you own a business today especially in the economy how were you going to get ahead? there is one organization has been working hard to launch, nurture and keep small businesses thriving is there renaissance on to north center here in the bay area. we have
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their monotone kathy adams. whitley how you can beat a great entrepreneur. it is always great to have you back. you're the woman who does everything. i'm so proud of you. toss about the entrepreneur center. what is the mission? we started 20 years ago. and for organization and we get started to help people to grow their own business. they're selling people who wanted to do it for themselves but they really needed the access and the training and the resources when you save resources and training how you do that? we have a comprehensive training program. the start of the basics and see if your idea is feasible. and then we work with you to help you create a business plan. there's a road map for which you want to do.
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that we were really prepared. to get to any place we have to have a plan. we want to make sure you have a plan any and the plan b period and will work with people on the finances and is about money and about symbols and wealth. i want to insure that the dollar's worked out as well. is this a good time to start a business given the economy's that is recovering and coming back on track it's always a good time to start a business. it's always a challenge is always a good time. but small business owners can do is to be flexible so it could read their customers and read the market so restaurant may lower their prices or a retail store can carry a new line of items that is the kind of advice to give
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is know your market. you have been a business owner since i've known you. it is been a while and you're giving advice to someone who started a business which to tell them from your experience? i have been in this business of well over 20 years. we cannot have a lot of the services that i actually have seen with the renaissance. as a result of learning some things and some stuff i had to regroup and take a step back. i do know that a program like that and with the planning is part of the curriculum. does not part of a curriculum when i was coming up. and the tools of trade and provides is an opportunity for them to have a flourishing business. the event planning this has all the bells and whistles and while.
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so instead of having to learn as you go. and maybe somebody can find some shortcuts or find some information absolutely. dissected different class is that you have for people who want to go into different types of business and no shoes talking about a lot people that ring catering businesses and the list is unlimited. you said resources. does that help them find money for the businesses is that part of the service? we do packaging but we hope to prepare you that we shop alone around. the also have a individual development account which is a match savings program. and then we provide other resources how does that work it is a program we save money that is matched to the one
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and use that money for your business. it is a wonderful deal. i'm learning some things that is wonderful. to someone to get involved what is the first that? his visit our web site how're you funded? we are funded by a number of sources we funding from the city of san francisco and the community development block program. we also have a of it a number of corporations and funded by wells fargo, a u.s. bank, citibank as well as the number of foundations throughout the bay area. de worked with volunteers were coaching your students we work with professional consultants as well as volunteers. we try to give our clients as much one on one help as we can. we want to get them the help that they need.
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you guys having thing coming up. this is such a valuable service of what everyone to help them out. we have an annual event coming up on october 2nd. it will be celebrating 20 years at of responses which is a success in giving a few awards to some remarkable of course. is that something is also a help you keep some funds flowing? it is a fund-raiser. as we all need to turn out and help because one of things does help people to keep on going is being able to start a business in any last words of advice you have? it is always a good time to get started. it always wanted to now is a good time. take your
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ideas and put them down on paper. come to the key line and get tickets it will be a wonderful event. we look forward to seeing everybody. thank you. it is good to have you back. and if you want to get to this event i know you do it for the small business and a big impact and it's on tuesday october 2nd and the bentley reserve which is on battery street. yet in the air tickets by calling for checkout the ran center dot org. we have got more.
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welcome back. many people cannot think of marin county as a place that needs help with education. you see like much of the country there is an achievement gap. if one be area organizations working hard to close the gap and its president and executive director and board member join us this morning thinking so much for joining us.
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tulsa about the project is a new school. it is larger than the for the school. the project is about six years old. working people between the ages of 8 and 22. and we started tells about the school. what is its mission? the mission of the school is to try to ensure that kids fall in love with reading and at the connect with old control thinking and self esteem. how is it different from other schools? is different from other schools because it's so large focus on honoring your culture. honoring who you are. its focus is for you to feel good in a sense of pride about yourself, your family, your community and your abilities. and i love it
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because it's a large percentage of black children and the demographics of shown in marin city and many hispanic children. but the idea is of any culture that is honored the checking account of my culture. the texas back to the idea of that was good for one person in the up less the one community will ultimately uplift of the community. i love the idea that your research showing the kids with high self-esteem actually are better learners. it is important to raise self-esteem of the children by helping them with their culture and connecting to their roots. and you said that the hannah project is larger than the school. to some of the other parts. leave the college from for middle school and we have been successful 101 for high-school students which tutors them and provides education and leadership opportunities. and we
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have a dream keeper scholarship program for kids once they are in college. we have a college prep program for high-school students. you take young people all the way from great school all the way through college. beyond that when kids graduate from college we reconnect them to the community to service in the free school and your mentoring opportunities. it is so important for that education is connected because what happens is when students concede the pathway, it is like all lights on the plane in which we go. no ticket all the way through. it was tree to make a difference in the community. i'm so impressed with the idea. who
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started this? it came out of our church. and we never expected it to be an organization. what we're trying to do some work to help parents understand that navigate the teen years and get to college. dave not graduate from college some of not graduate from high school. is on familiar process for them. and so it started like that. and that left the church and got more and more demand. as such is the question of information but it is a question of making sure the kids are prepared for college. the deer academically and socially. i have found that in my work as a psychologist working with thousands of people i found the critical difference that you may be well educated at he may have external preparation but you will self sanitize if you cannot have that internally and emotional preparation. i'm so
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glad you said that. that is what we found. our work is gone deeper and deeper. we look back in and we can begin to try to narrow that emotional divide with some of our kids are having. also began working with parents at the more rigorous level. there's a process for students had to be selected to come to the school. how does that work? we just finished our third year and another of the people know what the difference schools routes are in 1963 when the world itself was in bittered turmoil and kids are being hosed down and the question came up of how we do with the kids and what we do with their kids and more freedom schools than in 1963 and
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1964. it is a great legacy because we let the kids up and get the next generation deserves more than this turmoil that is going on tells about the park project and is connected as part of your project a few months ago we had the opportunity to show the photography work and so that gave us an opportunity to move into oura ticket with shopping center in marin city. the exhibit is out now? there's lots more. we have to tell people how to connect with you and congratulations of three years of the free school and both of you bless all the wonderful work to do. so for more information about the hannah project and from school. also the ongoing exhibit go to the panda project not work. what
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a great project. state right here will be right back.
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welcome back. we have women in technology the number still falls short only 25 percent of the computer work force was female last year. and for women of color and numbers shrink even more. this 3 percent for african-american and only 1
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percent for latino. with the change that. there's one woman is working hard to turn those numbers around. we have a new program which is the black curls code. it is great to have you. we need you. and how did you get involved? i was really interested in science and math as a student myself a long time ago my guidance counselors pushed me and soy started engineering and majored in that the spent my career in the engineering field. but you have friends concept should engineering i went to vanderbilt university as where i got my degree. the move up to a bay area to work for a biotechnology company. i spent over 20 years vanderbilt is a great school. i was thinking about my high-school counselor who said i should be a secretary and so
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things have changed a little bit i'm glad to hear that. had to get the idea for black girls code. my moment was when two different motivators when one was personal and one was professional had been in corporate america for a long time, do something different and being in the bay area of course i want to jump into this blossoming technology community. a certain network in go to events. and i did not releasing it too well with me of why that was the case. and on the personal side i have a daughter and is 13 now to 12 the time which is always on the computer. playing games and on the internet but not really being productive from another standpoint. the so frustrate with this as a mother. if you really do something productive on the computer and a hut built and not just be using so there
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two different factors and i need to start an organization that will train girls to become the idea of sync your daughter patricia use the application build the application. absolutely. you to the organization based on knowing your daughter needed to be more proactive and make a power choice and relationship to our technology. how did it launch? the start of a very small police launched in april of 2011. whenever first class until october of last year. a starter with the 12 girls and right here in san francisco. so superb and nurturing environment to test our model been exploded and we've gone from 12 girls in
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the summer retreat almost 600 to date. props to you my dear. my kids say have to do that. but i love it. 600 is amazing and how old are the girls? the start from six are seven common goal to 18. we've a strong connection with the community organizations as well schools. with an actual schools that bring a group is to distort koses and we will weekend workshop we also have summer camps and making just enroll in the class's them we're in their area threw out the year in the summer camps. have to parents trying to get the kids connected with you because we want those girls coating and building more applications we have a list of showing upcoming programs and since we started an expanded now to other cities
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there is a minimal cost. we try to keep a very low. it costs about $24 for one day class. but it also offer scholarships to the parent and for the class we have that. that is so amazing. tell us some of the success stories when the grace to six stories we have a distance is the summer we're doing our robotics camp in san francisco state, got to a class where the girl's head of the outbreak need to expand the time sort able to pull out some of our students to exit be to train other class of 20 girls on building a web page. i did not have to do that. the girls were able to step in that role as a leader and just do it. and what we found is that we start to grow the program is a it's really growing. the girls are growing not only in what they can do in the
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skills that but when they learn more not only do we have it better we can empower other people. that is what the show was about today. you are in power in girls and a tremendous way carried where you hope the girls will go? i want these girls become and the next steve jobs. i believe it. i'm holding division with you. we hold that the custers nothing stopping our girls we put that energy behind them. and that we put our energy behind you we are still a new organization and we need the support to meet the demand. with the best with the support you? gore website and make a donation i think you for
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what you're doing and thank you for joining us. this is wonderful with the more information. and please visit the web site. and we have some extraordinary organizations here and they're committed to empowering our community and you. it's my turn to empower you with news that you can use and to know that only 65 percent of the african-american population voted in the 2008 presidential election. not get out there in exercise your voice and your right and the powerful and be proactive. take responsibility of deposit change you can see and this is important that the deadline to register to vote in california it is october 22nd. it is less a month away and be sure to go on line or the one person and registered, you were there, i want to give you a free gift for being in power in taking action. if you get a free seminar with me. 90 minutes which i will show
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you how to make our choices and create your health this life and healthiest of. take action to better yourself. you deserve it. and to everyone. leaving out with a jazz vocalist, performed saturday as part of the san francisco jazz festival. blessings' everyone.
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